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Managed Account Request Form


In Office365, a Departmental Account is now created as a Shared Mailbox with one primary owner (by default this is the requestor unless otherwise specified). Once the mailbox is created it will automatically appear as an additional mailbox in your Outlook Client. There is no longer a need for a password.


NAMING CONVENTION: For new departmental alias accounts, the name must be of the form area.dept.familiarname or dept.familiarname, with periods between all words. Requests without periods will not be created.

Set Up Mailbox - This account will receive email

Managed Account Name: (total of 64 characters - i.e. forestry.fd)

Directory and Display Name (this is what is published as the name in the GAL )

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NID Responsible for Account:

List NIDs that will need Full Access to Mailbox (separate multiple NIDs by a semicolon ";"):

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