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Identity and Access Management

Network ID Creation

The process for creating a User ID (NID). This could be for a student, affiliate, employee or Friend ID (FID). Third Party Access (TPA) for Parents/ Guardians uses the FID creation process.

Information Security

Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS)

Identity and Access Control security technology that provides customizable services for creating and managing public key certificates used in software security systems that employ public key technologies.

Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)

Stores directory data and manages communication between users and domains, including logon processes, authentication, computers, system management, and directory searches. This service includes the following sub-services: LDAP, Authentication and Authorization, DFS, DFS-R, Group Policy, NTP, Computer Domain Join, AD Integrated BitLocker, LAPS.

Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS)

This service is used for single sign on of ADFS federated application. It will return claims to the federated application which can be used for identity or authorization.

Password Reset

Site to allow users to manage the security of their network ID.

Security Resources

Central Log Monitoring, Aggregation, Analytics

Central logging is a service that allows for searching, monitoring, and analytics of machine-generated logs via a web interface and can generate graphs, reports, alerts, dashboards, and visualizations.

Firewall Request

Request to modify existing Firewall rules regarding perimeter access.

Incident Response

Incident Response Plan is a service that allows the ITS Security Operations team members to identify, respond to and report a data security concern.

Log Source Onboarding

This service is used to add logs to Central Log Monitoring.

Security Engineering & Architecture Consulting

Custom services built upon request.

Splunk Access Request

Request access to the Splunk service.

SSL Certificates

This SSL certificate service allows subscribed customers to request and obtain SSL certificates of three different types.

Vendor Contract Review

Compliance and risk review for technology contracts and services.

Vulnerability Scanning

This service provides for the identification of vulnerabilities via vulnerability scanning, patch releases, configuration review, and compliance.

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