Information Technology Services

Office 365 Group Creation Form

Group Name
Enter the requested group name.

All group names must be unique and ITS will contact you if the name is already in use. The group name should be created using the following naming convention:
Campus/College/Area Abbreviation followed by a period, then whatever identifier(s) is/are appropriate, e.g. ITS.Operations.O365

Office 365 groups that represent a specific academic class will follow the existing 8-way key naming convention, e.g. 2018.Fall.PULLM.ACCTG.230.01.3314.LEC.Stu Office 365 groups that represent a general class, but not a year, term, campus, section, or lab can use a more general name with the Campus/College/Area Abbreviation prepended, e.g. CCB.ACCTG.230

Display Name
Enter the requested display name.

Enter the requested display name. Display name will be the name used in the Global Address List (if listed) and within Outlook to reference the group.

Will this group contain student data?
Will membership in this group imply a student status or record (i.e. MATH.UndergradStudents)?

Access Parameters:
The group content and conversations are available to everyone, and anyone can join this group without approval from a group owner. This is the default value.
Groups that contain student records must be private. The group content and conversations are only available to members of the group, and joining the group requires approval from the group owner.
Groups that imply student status must be hidden per FERPA regulations. This option hides the members of the Office 365 Group from users who aren't members of the group.

List two owners NIDs for this group
Please specify only TWO owners and separate them using a semi-colon
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