Information Technology Services

Requesting a Team

Teams can be requested by any WSU employee via a service request to WSU

Requestor's Email Address:
WSU Network ID of the Team owners: Owner 1:
Owner 2:
Team Type:
Note: Team members need to be added by an owner or access requested by the member and approved by the owner. Private teams limit the access to documents and conversations in a Team to the members. Teams with regulated data must be Private Teams.

Note: WSU employees, students, and guests can search for a public Team and join without owner approval. Anyone can gain access to all information in a Public Team and remove content.
Team Alias:
This should be the alias for the Team and must be in the format of college or area abbreviation, followed by a period and the Team Name (i.e. ITS.CrimsonServiceDesk). No special characters other than period.
Display Name:
This should be the name of the Team and must be in the format of college or area abbreviation, followed by a space and the Team Name (i.e. ITS Crimson Service Desk). No special characters other than a space, underscore, or hyphen are allowed.
Team Description:
This should be a brief description of the Team and its purpose.
Do you want the team listed in the directory:
Will this group contain student data?
Will membership in this group imply a student status or record (i.e. MATH.UndergradStudents)?

By requesting a Team, the employee agrees to be the Team owner and is responsible for the following.
Team Owner Responsibilities:
  • Managing access to the Team
  • Managing Team settings
  • Securing content
  • Responding to requests from WSU ITS regarding their Team
  • Designating a new Team owner when separating from WSU
  • Deleting the Team when it is no longer needed
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